In the competitive dumpster rental industry, Rolling Operations is a dumpster rental company in Illinois that stands out for its high quality service. We interviewed Clayton Roll who runs Rolling Operations and one of his drivers, Keegan. Like many in the industry, Rolling Operations encountered their fair share of operational challenges. They used Google Calendar and Excel for tracking inventory and managing customer relationships, but their process was far from efficient.


Rolling Operations faced several challenges that made day-to-day operations difficult. Here’s a closer look at the challenges they encountered:

  • Inefficient Inventory Management: Tracking where dumpsters were and managing inventory was tough. Clayton explains, “I didn’t keep all my dumpsters in the same spot… I’d have to actually track on my calendar where the last place was.”
  • Complicated Communication and Scheduling: Scheduling and communicating with customers was done through a mix of Google Calendar and direct calls or texts. “It was super clunky” 
  • Difficult Payment Processing and Invoicing: Handling payments was a time-consuming process for Clayton, taking away from time in his already busy day. On top of that, credit card fees were eating into his profit.“I used to use a credit card processor that charged like 3 or 4%, which is high.”

These challenges highlight the inefficiencies and complications of using disjointed systems for managing a dumpster rental business. Clayton needed one solution that could do everything he needed.

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Deciding to make a change, Clayton chose Docket to help solve their operational issues. This was Clayton’s thought process for choosing and implementing Docket:

  • Cost Concerns: Clayton was concerned about the cost until he did the math, “how many dumpster rentals will this cost me to actually run? Not very many. How many will it help me gain?” According to him, Docket paid for itself in the first week.
  • Switching to Docket: They were looking for a way to improve their business processes. “Once I got used to how it worked, It was a no-brainer.”
  • Learning Curve: At first, Clayton worried about adjusting to a new system. However, the transition to Docket was much easier than expected. “Implementing it was pretty seamless,” he mentioned.
  • Customer Support: Whenever they encountered any issues, Docket’s customer service was there to help. Clayton appreciated the support, saying, “anything that seemed to be going wrong was actually just user error on my part.”

Implementing Docket turned out to be a straightforward process for Rolling Operations. It not only integrated well with their current operations but also provided the support they needed to make the transition smooth. This change marked the beginning of a new, more efficient era for Rolling Operations.


After implementing Docket, Rolling Operations is now experiencing significant improvements in several key areas of their business. Here’s how Docket made a difference:

  • Better Inventory Management: With Docket, keeping track of dumpsters is much easier. Clayton said, “as soon as I know inventory is going to come back, I can actually have it rented ahead of time, which definitely helps our bottom line.”
  • Better Customer Service: Now, Clayton’s customers can book dumpsters any time they want, even in the middle of the night, right from his website. He noticed, “within the first week I had multiple bookings while I was sleeping and I knew Docket was paying for itself.” 
  • Easier Payment Processing: Getting paid is much simpler for Clayton using Docket. Now, when his customers rent dumpsters, they can pay directly on his website.
  • Increased Efficiency for Drivers: Keegan found his daily routines were more organized, saying, “I can just get in the truck in the morning and my whole day is planned out.” Keegan said he could fit more jobs into each day.
  • Supported Growth: According to Clayton, “I know that as I continue to grow, Docket will grow with me.”

The impact of Docket on Rolling Operations has been transformative. As they moved towards a more efficient business model, the benefits of Docket became important to their success, paving the way for growth and a focus on what matters most.


Docket is now taking Rolling Operations to a new level. The ease of doing business is not only making their customers happier but also allowing Clayton and his team to plan for the future with confidence. Reflecting on their journey and the clear advantages of using Docket, Clayton offers this advice, “Take a look at a demo, it tells you right away where the value is.”

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Liam Sabot

Liam is an author of over 50 articles about portable toilet rental, septic pumping, and dumpster business management. He is dedicated to providing important information to help sanitation businesses succeed.

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