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Determine Junk Removal Profitability

Easily determine job profitability or visualize estimated client growth trends over time. Knowing if your junk removal business will be profitable is necessary to grow your company. Docket can tell you which jobs need to have higher prices and or whether or not you should stop offering the service altogether. Docket is a powerful, user-friendly tool that can help you transform your junk management strategy and boost productivity. Our Junk Removal Software may also be used to determine which services are the most profitable for your organization. When making business decisions that will improve your company’s bottom line, this information might be useful.
Employee and Asset Tracking through Dumpster Tracking Software

Junk Removal Management

Using the Docket mobile app, simply plug in a dumpster PIN or scan a QR code at the time of the junk drop off and Docket will drop a pin on the map. With our unique GPS tracking, there are no extra costs involved or expensive tracking equipment required. Docket allows you to be in control of tracking all dumpsters by seeing their locations on a map. This junk removal software was created by Dumpster Divers, to help junk removal businesses manage their fleet and customers more efficiently. If you are in the junk removal business, you know that time is money. In order to be profitable, you will be able to track your dumpsters and know where they are at all times!

Online Bill Pay

Accepting online bill pay allows you to quickly communicate with clients which increases your paid rate. You can accept payments 3 ways with Docket, online on the admin website, on the job site using the Docket mobile app, and your clients also have the option to pay their invoice online on their personalized client dashboard. Clients love the convenience of being able to pay their bills online and it’s a huge time saver for you. No more trips to the bank or waiting for payments in the mail. With Docket, payments are processed immediately so you can keep your business running smoothly.
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