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What is Docket – Junk Removal Software?

Docket is an all-in-one junk removal software that allows you to manage your entire business from your desktop or cell phone. Keep track of your techs in real time, schedule and dispatch jobs, check the status of incoming leads, and keep an eye on your bottom lines. You may also examine your customer history, get paid, and produce invoices quickly.

Software Features Crucial For Running Junk Removal Business


Schedule and Dispatch

With Docket, scheduling is a breeze, whether you need to pick up or drop off a task. We also have more complex tasking for exchanges, relocating loads, and even live loads. When it’s time to pick up or drop off junk, simply assign the task to one of your employees through Docket. You can monitor their progress on the map in real-time. At the time of drop-off, enter the PIN into the app and we’ll take care of everything else from there. Docket makes it easier than ever to manage your junk removal business. We also help you optimize routes and keep track of employees, saving time and money in the process.
Employee and Asset Tracking through Dumpster Tracking Software

Junk Removal Management

Using the Docket mobile app, simply plug in a dumpster PIN or scan a QR code at the time of the junk drop off and Docket will drop a pin on the map. With our unique GPS tracking, there are no extra costs involved or expensive tracking equipment required. Docket allows you to be in control of tracking all dumpsters by seeing their locations on a map. This junk removal software was created by Dumpster Divers, to help junk removal businesses manage their fleet and customers more efficiently. If you are in the junk removal business, you know that time is money. In order to be profitable, you will be able to track your dumpsters and know where they are at all times!
roll off dumpster tracking software

Online Bill Pay

Accepting online bill pay allows you to quickly communicate with clients which increases your paid rate. You can accept payments 3 ways with Docket, online on the admin website, on the job site using the Docket mobile app, and your clients also have the option to pay their invoice online on their personalized client dashboard. Clients love the convenience of being able to pay their bills online and it’s a huge time saver for you. No more trips to the bank or waiting for payments in the mail. With Docket, payments are processed immediately so you can keep your business running smoothly.
roll off dumpster tracking software

Online Shopping Cart

Our shopping cart is designed for a modern, mobile-friendly and easy-to-use experience. It is fully integrated with Docket if you choose to add it to your existing website. If you already have a great site, you can use the cart on its own! Our themeable shopping cart allows customers to stay on your site without having to leave it.

Estimates and Invoices

With Docket, get estimates and invoices out the door quickly to decrease your sales cycle. With our billing system, you’ll be able to offer custom tax rates, fuel surcharges, convenience fees, and a profit margin adjustment tool- all with just one easy to use platform!
Docket - waste management software

Access from Anywhere

Our junk removal software offers the ability to view assets and employees, schedule tasks, invoice customers, and track expenses- all in one place. You can access Docket from any computer or mobile device, making it easy to manage your company no matter where you are.
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Benefits Of Using Our Junk Removal Software

Employee and Asset Tracking through Dumpster Tracking Software

Employee and Asset Tracking

With our junk removal software, you’ll always know where your employees and assets are, which makes for more efficient dispatch times and better utilization of everyone’s time. Plus, our customizable aging filters let you see at a glance which assets have been stationary the longest.

Real Time Billing

Docket gives you the ability to see your real-time billing issues as they’re happening. With just a few clicks, Docket can help resolve common problems such as jobs not being invoiced correctly, weight or rental length overages, and any other additional charges that may pop up. This is the power of Docket working for you.

Job Profitability

Docket makes it easy to understand job profitability and visualize estimated client growth trends over time. If you want your junk removal company to grow, you need to know which jobs are profitable. Docket can tell you which jobs need higher prices or if it’s not worth offering the service at all.

What Makes Our Software Unique?

Inventory Tracking


Docket is an incredibly versatile and customizable software for anyone in need of junk removal services. It can be tailored to the distinct needs of each customer, from straightforward solutions to more intricate systems for managing operations with ease. No matter what size or scope you are looking for, Docket is here for you!
real time reporting for all your financial, work, and dumpster rental data


Docket was created to eliminate the tedious back-and-forth between brokers and haulers. With features like job profitability, acceptance/decline communication, and automatic notifications, Docket makes brokerages run more smoothly than ever before.

Junk Removal Automation

Docket is a reliable junk removal software that manages client communication from start to finish, including over 30 customizable email and text notifications. You can rest assured knowing that whether it’s our day before reminder or job complete message, we’ve got you covered.

Docket keeps transparency
and efficiency first priority

Take a look why others have chosen Docket

"Docket has by far been the best all in one system we have used. They are extremely responsive with any questions or help you may need. The system is very easy to use with everything you need. If you are looking for a all in one software for your business I wouldn't look any further."


I like Docket because it really fits my operational needs in terms of junk removal & dumpster rental. It's super easy to use, and most importantly it is constantly evolving. Docket really listens to recommendations to better and better the system, the support system of Docket is outstanding and provide fast response.

Weebble Junk Removal & HaulingHouston, Texas

We have seen a steady amount of growth over the last couple of years and I can contribute a lot of that growth to Docket. Because without them as such a solid software at our side we would not be where we are today.

Step Up Roll OffsLoveland, Colorado

Docket took my business from a cluster of paperwork that didn't work to one simple app that covers everything. Anyone in the service industry shouldn't be attempting business without it.

All-Pro DumpstersDayton, Ohio

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