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What is Docket?

Docket is a tool that will simplify the way your team works by managing your workload, communications, and finances.

Does Docket have a mobile app I can download?

Yes, you can easily download our free mobile app from the Google Play store or iOS App Store.

I need help, How can I contact you?

Please contact us at or (937)900-0818 and we will be able to answer any questions! We also have a live chat once your are logged into your account.

Can Docket run my business accounting?

Yes! Docket has everything you need for business accounting with tools like expense tracking, accounts receivable and a robust reporting suite. If you still want to connect your Docket account to QuickBooks online you can do that as well.

What features are included?

Docket is loaded with a ton features. To see a comprehensive list visit the features page.

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Can I print or export my schedule?

Yes, you can export and print your schedule for use when you are offline or don’t want to use the app.

Is my data backed up?

Yes, your information is stored and backed-up across multiple zones within the United States on Amazon’s servers.

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