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Our Story

Our mission is to help teams build a culture of transparency, empowering everyone to achieve efficiency at work.
Docket, offering the best dumpster software, was launched after having vast experience with customer relations management (CRM) tools that weren’t user-friendly. Instead, they were cumbersome and by the time you picked all your needed features your monthly bill was extremely high. We’re obsessed with building a simplified product with no pricing surprises but meets all your needs in our one plan. Our goal is to create a tool that people will love to use—one that’s fast, beautiful, responsive and makes your life easier.
Team collaboration & discussion - best dumpster software by Docket for rental dumpster services
Our Team
Your business is our business.
Docket was built to help businesses compete and win with intuitive software and a passion for the industry.
The Docket team is committed to supporting all dumpster rental and junk removal businesses with the software and payment solutions they need, supported by outstanding service, and designed to help them compete and win. We believe that business is personal and our clients—big or small, national or local—should never be on their own. We are right beside them, delivering the future technology they need, today and every day.
We’ve created an ecosystem of software and payment processing solutions that empower you to work more efficiently, more strategically, and more economically. Equally important, we give you the support you need to grow your business.