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Your Website Builder With Online Booking

Create an engaging website powered by our online booking system with real-time availability.

Powerful Responsive Design

Docket offers tailored websites managed by you but hosted by us, ensuring optimal security and hosting so you can concentrate on growing your business.

Responsive Design

Our websites are designed with the users experience in mind. We make sure your website can accommodate anything from desktops to mobile devices without fuss.

Drag & Drop

Our page templates come predesigned with SEO optimized content ready to go. However, customizations are as easy as drag and drop.

Built-In Shopping Cart

The shopping cart is fully integrated with Docket. The shopping experience is fully customizable and themeable to match your company’s look and ordering needs.

Dumpster and Junk Removal Websites

We get it—sometimes this industry can seem oversaturated. That’s why we take an aggregated approach to our website design. We consider the types of customers you are servicing, what their general goals and needs are, their average time spent on a webpage, and where they typically spend their time when online. With the thorough research we have done, we have created website templates that speak the language your customers are looking for.

The Docket Website Process

Begin your website creation by connecting with a Docket Implementation Specialist who will guide you through the process. Once ready, you’ll select from one of three tailored templates, integrate features like Docketshop for seamless operations, and finalize your site with our team before it goes live. Post-launch, the site management is in your hands, while we ensure the hosting and security.

Elevating Your Online Presence

Website Package (Included in Grow and Pro Plans)
Empower your business with our robust Website Package, designed to set a solid foundation for your digital presence and enable scalable growth. Leveraged by industry standards, this package equips you with a powerful toolkit and top-tier hosting solutions, ensuring you’re well-prepared to compete and succeed online.

  • Built on WordPress: Join the ranks of The White House, Harvard, Disney, and more who trust WordPress for its flexibility and robustness. Our themes and tools are tailored to ensure you have a world-class website.
  • Enterprise-Grade Hosting: Enjoy peace of mind with daily backups, security scans, and the reliability of AWS-powered hosting with global caching and CDN, ensuring fast loading times and secure data handling.
  • Top-Ranked WP Tools: With RankMath and Elementor at your disposal, manage your SEO effectively and make website changes with ease. These tools are chosen for their effectiveness and ease of use, allowing you to maintain your site without needing technical expertise.
  • Conversion Optimization: Our templates are refined using insights from over 400 websites to maximize lead generation and conversion. With proven layouts and features, your website is optimized not just for looks but for performance.


Does the website include analytics to track traffic and conversions?2024-04-26T18:34:35+00:00

Our websites are fully capable of integrating with third-party analytics tools like Google Analytics. You can easily add the necessary analytics code to monitor traffic and conversions, enabling you to measure the effectiveness of your website accurately.

Which of the website templates converts the best?2024-04-26T18:34:08+00:00

All three of our website templates are designed to convert equally well. We continuously track conversions on all sites to ensure they maintain optimal performance and effectiveness in generating leads.

Can you provide SEO services for my website?2024-04-26T18:33:53+00:00

We offer SEO services to enhance your online visibility. Please speak with our sales representative for more detailed information on how we can tailor our SEO services to meet the specific needs of your business.

Who handles the hosting and security of my website?2024-04-26T18:33:28+00:00

We take care of all the hosting and security for your website. While we ensure your site is secure and performs optimally on our enterprise-grade servers, you will manage the site’s content and updates post-launch.

Do I need to have my own domain name to use your website service?2024-04-26T18:33:07+00:00

Yes, owning a domain name is essential as it serves as your unique address on the internet. If you don’t have one, you’ll need to purchase a domain before we can launch your site. Our team can recommend where to buy one if you need assistance.

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