Greenhead Recycle Picks Up Docket and Dumps Their Stress

Located in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, Justin and Chelsea Elliott co-own Greenhead Recycle, a dumpster rental business they acquired in March 2020. Before taking over, Justin ran a construction company, using dumpsters from a business called Greenhead Recycle. The opportunity to buy the business came just as the previous owner decided to retire. This was the beginning of a new journey for Justin and Chelsea.

“It was kind of a mess”

When Justin and Chelsea took over Greenhead Recycle, they faced a steep learning curve. The business they acquired came with nothing but equipment. Here is what they faced:

    • Tracking Difficulties: With no system in place, it was difficult to keep track of their growing inventory of dumpsters. Justin shared, “So we lost a few dumpsters.”
    • Inefficient Scheduling: Managing pickups and deliveries was often chaotic. Justin explained, “We were trying to keep track of everything. It was kind of a mess, but we navigated it pretty well.”
    • Customer Communication: When a customer called to book a dumpster, taking and keeping their information was sometimes difficult. According to Justin, “You write somebody’s number down on your hand and then you get sweaty and then you look back and it’s gone.”
    • High Demand: When Justin and Chelsea took over Greenhead, they realized they didn’t have the operational capabilities to serve a massive, growing market. Justin said, “There was a lot more demand than we were able to keep up with.”

As Justin and Chelsea struggled with these issues, they quickly realized that to grow and improve their service, they needed a solution that could streamline their operations and enhance their ability to serve their customers effectively.

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“It was just too much”

Justin and Chelsea quickly realized that their current methods couldn’t keep pace with the demands of their growing business. The old system of pen and paper was proving to be increasingly inadequate, leading to lost assets and missed opportunities. The situation reached a critical point one day that Justin vividly recalls, “We literally lost a dumpster.”

It was just too much because everything’s on paper,” Chelsea said. As they faced the challenge of losing track of their assets and struggling to meet customer expectations, they knew a change was necessary. They needed a system that could help them manage their dumpster rentals, improve communication with customers, and make their life easier.

“Docket was so simple to use”

As Justin and Chelsea searched for a suitable software solution, they encountered two options including Docket. According to Chelsea, “We did like a video chat with another software company and it was extremely overwhelming. It was too busy and too big for us.”

Between the two, they were drawn to Docket because of its simplicity and the straightforward approach it offered, “I wanted simple, I wanted to be able to put in my customers and have some sort of calendar set up.” So Justin and Chelsea chose Docket.

“Docket helps you provide better customer service”

Since using Docket, Justin and Chelsea haven’t looked back. Docket brings significant improvements across different parts of their operations, enhancing efficiency and customer satisfaction. Here is what they have now:

    • Easier Asset Management: Docket improves the tracking and scheduling of dumpsters, reducing the chaos that once defined their daily operations. Justin notes, “Now, we never lose a dumpster. Docket keeps everything organized so we can see exactly where each asset is at any time.”
    • Improved Customer Communication: Automated notifications and real-time updates keep customers informed about their service status, which significantly enhances their overall experience. Chelsea shares, “Customers love the updates. They always know when to expect us, and that clarity has boosted our reliability scores dramatically.”
    • Supported Business Growth: The efficiency of Docket allows Greenhead Recycle to handle more business. “We’ve been able to add more dumpsters and serve more customers without hiring extra staff. This wouldn’t have been possible without Docket,” says Justin.
  • Positive Reviews: After picking up a dumpster, Docket sends a notification to Greenhead’s customers, allowing them to easily leave a review. “It sends them a link to my Google review, it takes them two seconds. Docket allows it to be so simple.” Greenhead Recycle is currently rated 4.9 stars with 80 reviews on Google.
  • Human Support: Chelsea reflected on how helpful Docket has been, especially the team member that has worked with her when she needed help, “Having her is huge for me because it’s somebody that I can relate to and talk to and she’s not a robot. She’s friendly and kind.”

With Docket, Greenhead Recycle enjoys a competitive edge in the dumpster rental market, equipped with the tools to maintain excellent service and expand their customer base.

“I wouldn’t run a dumpster rental business without Docket”

Justin and Chelsea’s journey with Greenhead Recycle has turned into a success story, all thanks to Docket. Since they started using this software, their daily work has become easier and more organized. Now, they never worry about losing track of their dumpsters or disappointing their customers. Their business is growing, and they are able to handle more work without getting stressed.

Looking to the future, they are excited and ready for whatever comes next. With Docket by their side, they feel confident that they can keep making their customers happy and grow Greenhead Recycle even more. For other haulers considering Docket, this is what Chelsea had to say, “It made a big difference and we’ve never looked back.”


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