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Save money on fuel and labor costs, and increase the efficiency of waste collection operations with our waste routing software specifically created for waste management businesses.

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What is Docket's Waste Routing Software?

Docket’s waste routing software is a tool that helps waste management professionals plan the most efficient routes for their hauling trucks. It takes into account factors such as traffic, construction, and weather to create the best possible route for each vehicle. Additionally, it allows you to track each vehicle’s progress and ensure that your drivers stay on course.

Docket’s waste management routing software is easy to use and can be accessed from any computer or mobile device. It uses a variety of data sources to create the most efficient routes for your trucks. Simply enter the starting point and destination for each route, and the software will do the rest. The software will create a detailed route plan that you can print out or send to your drivers electronically.

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Reduce Environmental Impact

By routing trucks more efficiently, waste management businesses can save on fuel consumption and associated emissions. In addition, routing software can help businesses to identify opportunities for recycling. By making more informed decisions about waste collection, businesses can help to reduce their overall environmental impact.

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