Docket provides features for your company to grow and succeed!

Docket - waste management software

Access from Anywhere

Schedule, invoice, track expenses and see the location of all your employees and assets in Docket. No matter if you are on your computer at home or at work or on your mobile device you can manage the operations of your company and see where all your employee and assets are at any time.
software for dumpster rental services - Docket

Automate your Day

Docket, a commercial or roll-off dumpster tracking software, is a tool that manages the client communication and interaction from lead to job complete. We have over 30 customizable email and text notifications that get sent to your clients automatically. So whether it’s our day before reminder, our on our way or the job complete message we have you covered.
Online Ordering-Booking

Online Bill Pay

Accepting online bill pay allows you to quickly communicate with clients which increases your paid rate. You can accept payments 3 ways with Docket, online on the admin website, on the job site using the Docket mobile app, and your clients also have the option to pay their invoice online on their personalized client dashboard.
Docket - waste management software

Custom Website

Our sites are designed from the ground up to to look as elegant on a phone as it does on your desktop. Our page templates come predesign with SEO optimized content ready to go. However, customizations are as easy as drag and drop.
roll off dumpster tracking software

Online Shopping Cart

A modern, mobile-friendly, easy to use shopping cart built for today’s online shopping experience. If you choose to add a shopping cart, it will be fully integrated with Docket. If you already have a fantastic website, you can choose to use the cart on its own! Our themeable shopping cart was designed so it can be dropped into any existing website without customers needing to leave your site.
Client card on file

Card on File

We know its important to have the client’s card on file. Docket will allow you to charge the card again if their happens to be an overages or if you simply have a repeat customer that wants to have the same card used we can accommodate that for you.
Schedule and Dispatch - Dumpster Rental Software

Schedule and Dispatch

Docket simplifies the scheduling process with easy drop off or pick up tasks. We also have more detailed tasking for exchanges, relocating, dump and returns and even live loads. When it’s time to pick up or drop off a dumpster, easily assign the task to one of your employees on Docket and watch their progress on the map. At the time of drop off, enter the dumpster PIN into the app and we take care of the rest.
Employee and Asset Tracking through Dumpster Tracking Software

Employee and Asset Tracking

Docket can show you where your employees and assets are located at any time no matter where you are at. This allows for better dispatching and time management. We even have customizable aging filters to let you know which assets have been at their location the longest just by looking at the map.

Estimates and Invoices

Quickly get estimates out the door and process invoices through Docket decreasing the length of your sales cycle. Our billing offers custom tax rates, fuel surcharges, convenience fees, and profit margin adjustment tool. One tool that manages your companies entire operation.
real time reporting for all your financial, work, and dumpster rental data


We can produce real time reporting for all your financial, work, and dumpster rental data. Custom date ranges and custom fields can be added to each report. The reports are printable and exportable. Knowing your numbers are key to your companies growth and success.

Real Time Billing

Docket can show you your real time billing issues as they occur. Common issues like jobs not being invoiced, weight overages, rental length overages, and any other additional charges that may occur. All of these can be resolved with a few clicks. This is a the power of Docket at work.
Inventory Tracking

Online Forms

Tracking the the entire client process from lead to job complete has never been easier. With Docket we can show you the current status of the client and job. With tools like online forms that can be emailed or texted to potential and current clients you will always be connected and in the know.


Our tools automate the hassle of broker and hauler communication. Docket makes it easy to keep everyone in the loop before, during, and after a brokered job. With tools like broker profitability, job acceptance and decline communication, and automatic notifications to broker, hauler, and client it doesn’t  get any easier than Brokering with Docket.
software for dumpster rental services - Docket

Mobile App

Docket provides a robust mobile app for your employees to use while they are in the field. Everyday they will get their daily tasking and have the ability to manage their timesheet. Additional features are available on an employee by employee basis if you choose.

Job Profitability

Easily determine job profitability or visualize estimated client growth trends over time. Knowing if your jobs are profitable is necessary to grow your company. Docket can tell you which jobs need to have higher prices and or whether or not you should stop offering the service all together.