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Customer and job management, dumpster tracking, driver management, automated billing, online ordering, SEO, and Quickbooks compatible. All with one tool that’s easy for Hawaii Waste Haulers to use.


“With three full time employees, Docket allows us to communicate without saying anything.”


“Docket is the go-to solution for all dumpster rental businesses, regardless of size.”


“Within the first week I had multiple bookings while I was sleeping and I knew Docket was paying for itself.”


Here’s why Hawaii Haulers Choose Docket Dumpster Software

It’s User Friendly

User friendly for you, your office staff, and your drivers

We Support You

Our team of former haulers are with you every step of the way

It’s All-in-One

You don’t need multiple systems to get the job done

It Saves Time

Go ahead, take a vacation and monitor your business remotely

It Outperforms

Make it even easier for your customers to work with you instead of them


Heres what you get with docket dumpster software

Dumpster Scheduling & Dispatching Made Simple

From basic drop-off/pick-up tasks to advanced functions like exchanges and live loads, we’ve got you covered. Whether you are serving customers in bustling Honolulu, expanding Kapolei, or historic Hilo, Docket ensures your scheduling and dispatching are streamlined to meet local demands.

GPS Dumpster Monitoring System

Use our mobile app, plug in a dumpster PIN or scan a QR code during drop-off, and let Docket do the tracking for you. See all your dumpster locations on an interactive map, whether they’re in downtown Kailua or the outskirts of Kaneohe. Connect to Samsara, Verizon Connect, and other fleet management tools for seamless operations.

Flexible Online Payment Systems

Offer your clients three convenient payment methods: online, on-site, or through the customer portal. And Docket connects to your QuickBooks, making financial management easy whether your business is in Kahului, Waipahu, or anywhere else in Hawaii.

Drivers Have Everything They Need

In the Docket Mobile App, drivers can record the weight, tonnage, materials, and where it’s dumped. They can see notes like gate codes, and take pictures to show the customer. This feature ensures efficient operations from Honolulu to Waipahu.

Boost Your Online Presence

Our custom dumpster rental websites are optimized for conversions. Integrated shopping carts sync seamlessly with your Docket software, keeping you updated on every transaction. Enhance your visibility and customer reach from the heart of Honolulu to Mililani.

Enhance Customer Relations

Take advantage of Docket’s communication tools, with over 30 tailor-made email and text notifications you’ll elevate your customer service game. This ensures that your customers in Kapolei, Hilo, and beyond always stay informed and satisfied with your services.

Boost Your Profits

Docket’s easy-to-use reports help you evaluate job profitability and foresee client growth trends, ensuring your business always moves forward. Utilize these insights to grow your business in major markets like Honolulu, Kailua, and Kaneohe.

Time is Money–Save Both

From asset and employee management to scheduling and expense tracking, Docket organizes everything in one tool that’s easy to use. This allows your business to run efficiently and profitably whether you are operating in Mililani, Kahului, or Waipahu.

Want to see a day in the life of a hauler using Docket? Click on the video!

Docket Proudly Serves Haulers in Hawaii

Operating a roll-off dumpster business in Hawaii, you understand the importance of efficiency and reliability. Docket Dumpster Software is tailored to meet the specific needs of Hawaii haulers, providing robust features and seamless integration to optimize your operations in cities like Honolulu, Hilo, Kailua, and Kapolei.

Serving Major Cities in Hawaii:

  • Honolulu: Enhance your business operations in Honolulu with Docket’s real-time tracking and efficient scheduling, ensuring timely service and customer satisfaction.
  • Hilo: Simplify your dumpster rental process in Hilo with our user-friendly software, allowing you to manage customer bookings and payments effortlessly.
  • Kailua: Keep track of your assets in Kailua with our GPS monitoring system, ensuring your dumpsters are always where they need to be.
  • Kapolei: Improve your customer relations in Kapolei with Docket’s communication tools, providing automated notifications and updates to your clients.

FAQs For Haulers in Hawaii

The portal allows Hawaii customers to rent dumpsters, make payments, view past invoices, request early pickups or extensions, and access weight tickets and overage fees. This makes the process transparent and convenient for clients across the state, from Kapolei to Mililani.

Invoices are generated at the time of job scheduling, incorporating all relevant charges based on the specific location in Hawaii, materials, and rental duration. This ensures accurate billing for your customers, whether they are in downtown Honolulu or suburban areas like Kahului and Waipahu.

Yes, Docket provides real-time GPS tracking of your drivers, ensuring you always know their location and status. This feature is particularly useful for navigating the busy streets of Kailua or coordinating timely deliveries in Hilo.

Docket streamlines your rental process, optimizes dispatching and scheduling, tracks assets in real-time, simplifies billing, and enhances customer interactions through a comprehensive portal. Whether you are dealing with the bustling demands of Honolulu or the growing needs of Kapolei, Docket ensures efficiency and accuracy in your daily operations.

Roll-off dumpster rental software automates and manages various aspects of a dumpster rental business, from bookings and payments to dispatching and tracking. For businesses operating in Hawaii, this means seamlessly managing operations whether you are serving customers in Honolulu, Kailua, Hilo, or Kapolei.

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